Bae: Come over

Me: I can’t, I’m hiding behind the curtains

Bae: I’m not watching the cameras 

Me: image

I hate my mind sometimes.

I see all these amazing images in my head, of dragons, fire, and so many amazing things. I see these images with every line, every pencil mark, every colour, every shape and every step in the process. I see these images and think ‘yeah, I’m gonna do that” And what comes of it?

Stuff that looks like crap. 

The fuck, mind. Stop making me even more depressed. I don’t need it right now.



I have a massive fear that no one actually likes me, rather everyone is just politely tolerating me hoping I leave them alone


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Just In case you ever thought Annie could never be cute in her titan form.

Fandoms. Making the things you hate the most absolutely adorable.




Cant never not reblog.

How to create your own Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear


I was asked to translate this guide by awesome Japanese cosplayer and designer Reika (麗華さん).

Major disclaimer: The original post is just a copypasted collection of tweets. Reika didn’t write down every single step of the process, there are some repetitions and overall a lot of mentions of the Japanese 100-Yen supermarket chain Daiso. You can find several Daiso Internationals in America (mostly in Northern California) but for those who don’t have access to those handy stores, try Walmart or general hobby stores!
If you have any questions you consider asking me, please read this first.

Since it’s already spread over twitter, I’ll just leave the copypasta containing all of my tweets over here~.

■I will add a PS at the bottom.
But first of all, pictures of the finished product.
Some minor adjustments and fine-tuning might be necessary, but this is more or less how it is.

Now some pictures while having it equipped.

Also some photos after I did various adjustments here and there. This one’s the most recent status (^ⅴ^)

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For a someone. Hope they see it.

Talk dirty to me.

Talk dirty to me.

…well shit. Maybe I should start reblogging game things again…